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The Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research (IIOR) formerly Directorate of OIlseeds Research was established on August 1, 1977 with the elevation of All India Coordinated Research Project on Oilseeds (AICORPO). It was operated with the Headquarters at Rajendranagar, Hyderabad with Project Director as its administrative head with the assistance of  seven Project Coordinators for groundnut, rapeseed-mustard, sesame & niger, linseed , castor, safflower and sunflower.  Subsequently, groundnut and rapeseed-mustard were delinked from the Directorate with the establishment of National Research Centre for each of these crops during 1979 and 1993 respectively. In April 2000, the AICRP on sesame & niger and linseed have been separated from the administrative control of IIOR. With the upgradation of DOR to IIOR, sesame, niger and linseed has been added with the existing mandate crops such as castor, safflower and sunflower.