Oilseeds Statistics Compendium

ICAR-Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research (IIOR) embarks on maintaining a repository of information on all aspects of oilseeds and vegetable oils in the country. IIOR bringing out the Statistical Compendium regularly. The compendium of 2015 along with this update up to 2021, provides a multi-year data presented in an easy to follow trend for improved readability classified under distinct related aspects. Global status and perspective along  with all India oilseeds production statistics presented for the last five decades  (1971-2020) and state wise/district –wise statistics presented for the last 19  years (2001- 2020).  Trade statistics are comprehended to give a picture of various products exported/imported and its trend. From the perspective of researchers and students, the compendium include information on released varieties and hybrids, their pedigree, year of release and notification, releasing centre, yield, duration, recommended states/ regions/ situations for cultivation, yield, oil content, special features, etc. Other general information like germplasm resources and maintaining units, related websites, addresses of oilseeds related industries etc. were also updated. Conduct of state wise FLDs and year wise exploitable yield gaps for each crop are presented.

These extensive compendia on oilseeds have been digitized by ICAR-IIOR, Hyderabad in collaboration with KLEF, Hyderabad. Developing the way users can access and explore this valuable information. This digital transformation simplifies the previously daunting task of searching for specific tables within voluminous PDF documents or manually scanning through numerous pages in hard copies. With the newly digitized compendia, users now have immediate and effortless access to the precise information they need. No more struggling or wasting time—just streamlined browsing and instant availability of the desired data. With this user-friendly interface, user can quickly navigate to the desired chapter by using the left pane, which displays the comprehensive table of contents. Simply click on the chapter interested in, and user will be seamlessly directed to the tables within that chapter. When user click on a specific table name, the corresponding table in PDF format will appear in the central panel. You can then download the table for offline use if desired. The option to download the entire compendium has been also provided to users, enabling them to access the complete collection of valuable information conveniently.  To access the  compendia click on the following links

1.    Oilseed Statistics-A Compendium-2015
Citation: Sarada, C., Alivelu, K., Sambasiva Rao, V., Sudhakara Babu, S.N. and Varaprasad, K.S. 2015.Oilseeds Statistics A Compendium – 2015. ICAR- Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad.

2.    Oilseeds: A Statistical Copmpedium 2021
Citation: Sarada, C., Alivelu, K., Sambasiva Rao, V., Sudhakara Babu, S.N., Vishnuvardhan Reddy.,A and Sujatha M. 2021. Oilseeds: A Statistical Compendium 2021. ICAR- Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad. p.543