GCH-4 (SHB-18)

Year of release 1986-87
Notified vide S.O. No. & date : 10 (E) 01-01-1988
Released at Central or State level Central
Developed by Oilseeds Research Station, GAU, S.K. Nagar, Gujarat
Pedigree / type of material VP-1 x 48-1
Recommended states Castor growing regions of India
Recommended ecology Irrigated and rainfed conditions
Duration Medium
Days to maturity for first picking 100-110 DAS
Growth habit Medium
Mean seed yield (kg/ha) 1985
Days to 50% flowering 50-55
Plant height upto base of primary(cm) 70-90
Number of nodes to primary raceme 14-17
100 seed weight(g) 28-29
Oil content(%) 48-50
Special attributes Tolerant to Fusarium wilt, Resistant to leafhoppers
Source of seed Gujarat State Seed Corporation, Gandhinagar, Gujarat