Library Resources

The specialized library facility started functioning at IIOR in 1977. The  Library has a collection of over 10,000 books and bound or bond volumes of periodicals and subscribes to 74 periodicals including 18 foreign periodicals. The Library also receives on complimentary basis several Annual reports, Newsletters and Periodicals. It has CD-ROM databases, technical reports, annual progress reports on oilseeds crops, proceedings of annual oilseed workshops/group meetings and good collection of reprints.  An amount of Rs. 16 lakhs is spent per annum for acquiring books, journals  and other CD-ROM databases. Limited funds are also allocated under other adhoc projects for purchase of books and journals.

List of Journals

List of Foreign Journals Subscriptions

1     Agronomy Journal
2     Crop Science
3     Biological Control
4     International Journal of Pest Management
5     Journal of Invertebrate Pathology
6     Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society
7     INFORM
8     Lipid Technology
9     Molecular Breeding
11   Oil World
12   Phytopathology
13   Plant Breeding
14   Plant Cell Reports
15   Plant Pathology
16   Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture
17   The Journal of World Intellectual Property
18   World Patent Information

List of Indian Journal Subscriptions
1      Agricultural Economics Research Review
2      Agricultural & Industry Survey
3      Agricultural Marketing  
4      Agricultural Today  
5      Agricultural Situation in India
6      Andhra Agricultural Journal  
7      Annals of Agricultural Research
8      Annals of Plant Physiology
9      Asian Agri-History                                                
10    Commodity India.Com
11    Current Science
13    FAI Abstract Services
14    Financing Agriculture
15    Haryana Agric. University Journal
16    HELIA
17    Indian Farming   
18    Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics  
19    Indian Journal of Agricultural Library & Information Services
20    Indian Journal of Agricultural  Research                            
21    Indian Journal of Agricultural  Sciences  
22    Indian Journal of Agronomy                                       
23    Indian  Journal of Crop Science
24    Indian Journal of Dryland Agricultural Research & Development                          
25    Indian Journal of Entomology
26    Indian Journal of Fertilisers
27    Indian Journal of Genetics & Pl. Breeding                              
28    Indian Journal of Mycology & Plant Pathology
29    Indian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources                       
30    Indian Journal of Plant  Physiology                                                
31    Indian Journal of Plant Protection                                 
32    Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
33    Indian Journal of Soil Conservation                           
34    Indian Journal of Weed Science                                 
35    Indian Phytopathology                                               
36    IPS News Bulletin    
37    Journal of Bio Sciences                                              
38    Journal of Cytology and Genetics                                
39    Journal of Indian Society of Soil Science
40    Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
41    Journal of Lipid Science and Technology
42    Journal of Oilseeds Research   
43    Journal of Production Agriculture
44    Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences                             
45    Kheti (Hindi)                                                                    
46    Krishi Chanika (Hindi)                                                     
47    MARGIN : Journal of Applied Economic Research
48    Monthly Review of the Indian Economy : CMIE
49    Mysore Journal of Agricultural  Sciences
50    Pal Phool (Hindi)  
51    Plant Cell Biotechnology & Molecular Biology
52    Resonance
53    SAARC Oils & Fats Today
54    Soybean Research                                      
55    University News                                                               
56    YOJANA                                                
CD-ROM Databases and Online Journals

The following Electronic databases are available in the library
•    Crop Science Database (CABI)
•    AGRIS
•    Online Journals through CeRA (Taylor & Francis (1184), CSIRO (8), (91), ScienceDirect (351), SpringerLink (71) and Annual Reviews (22)
•    Wilsons Biological Agriculture Index
•    Monthly Statistics of Foreign Trade of India: Exports & Imports (Annual Issues)
•    Fertilizer Statistics
•    Crop Protection Compendium
•    India Patents
• (Online)


•    Access to books, periodicals, CD-Rom Databases and online e-journals
•    On-Demand Information Search and Document Delivery in Oilseeds
•     Reference and information services
•     Photocopying and Document Delivery
•    Bibliographic  service
•     Current Awareness Service
•    Data Compilation and Market Intelligence on oilseeds.
•    Notification of career information
•     Inter  Library Lending

Documentation Bulletins  

•    Current Oilseeds Literature Alerts (COLA): It is a fortnightly in-house documentation bulletin based on current periodicals received in the library.  Articles on nine oilseeds. viz., groundnut, rapeseed & mustard, sunflower, sesame, niger, safflower, linseed, castor and soybean minor oilseeds and indexed in LIBRIS database.  This bulletin is regularly sent to selected and interested oilseeds research workers /members by e-mail.     

•    OSDOC Press Gleanings It is a quarterly news clipping service and development news on oilseeds collected from the newspaper received in the library.  Important news items, popular article on topical interest in agriculture with specific reference to oilseeds are collected and organized and published. The issues are circulated to AICRP centers, project coordinators, policy makers and scientists.

Photocopying and Document Delivery Services

IIOR library provides paid photocopying service.  The service limited to a few articles, chapters in book etc., meant for research purpose only. Rs. 1=00 will be charged per page towards photocopying.

Library Timings

Library remains open from 9-00AM to 4.00PM Monday through Saturday except on Second Saturday and on all Public and National Holidays.

IIOR Publications for Sale


S.No Title Price (Rs.) Packing & Postage Charges(Rs.)
1 Oilseeds Situation:  A Statistical Compendium 2010 750=00 70=00
2 Guidelines for Quality Seed Production in Sunflower (2009) 100=00 40=00
3 Guidelines for Quality Seed Production in Castor (2009) 100=00 40=00
4 Value Addition and Diversified Uses of Sunflower (2009) 30=00 40=00
5 Value Addition and Diversified Uses of Safflower (2009) 30=00 40=00
6 Value Addition and Diversified Uses of Castor (2009) 30=00 40=00
7 Varieties and Hybrids of Sunflower (2008) 100=00 40=00
8 Varieties and Hybrids of Castor (2008) 100=00 40=00
9 Varieties and Hybrids of Safflower (2008) 100=00 40=00
10 World Bibliography on Safflower (2008) 200=00 60=00
11 Agroecoregion-specific Cropping Systems for Sustainable Oilseeds Production (2007) 150=00 40=00
12 Strategies for Enhancing Sunflower Production in India (2006) 10=00 40=00
13 Strategies for Enhancing Safflower in India (2006) 10=00 40=00
14 Strategies for Enhancing Castor Production in India (2006) 10=00 40=00
15 Biocontrol in Oilseed Crops (2005) 30=00 40=00
16 Integrated  Nutrient Management for  oilseed  crops  (2005) 30=00 40=00
17 Low Cost Production Technology  for Oilseed  Crops (2005) 30=00 40=00
18 Contingency  Plan for  Aberrant Weather  for Production of Sunflower, Safflower, Castor (2005)  30=00 40=00
19 FAQs on Safflower (2005) 30=00 40=00
20 FAQs on Sunflower (2005) 30=00 40=00
21 FAQs on Castor (2005) 30=00 40=00
22 Insect  Pest and Diseases of  Sunflower and  their  Management (2005) 100=00 40=00
23 Insect  Pest and Diseases of  Safflower  and their  Management (2005) 100=00 40=00
24 Insect  Pest and Diseases of  Castor  and  their  Management (2005) 100=00 40=00

How To Get IIOR Publications

Supply orders may be sent to the Head (Library Services), Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030 along with DD from any nationalised bank drawn in favour of ICAR Unit-IIOR, Hyderabad payable at Hyderabad for the amount including packing and postage. Publications for sale could also be purchased in the IIOR Library on cash payment. Proforma invoice including packing, postage and forwarding charges by single registered book parcel for purchase of more than one copy will be sent on request. Orders will be preferred against advance payments only. E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; FAX : +91-040-24017969

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