The Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry laboratory is equipped with sophisticated equipments like Autoanalyser, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV visible spectrophotometer, Kjeltech system, flame photometer. Laboratory is capable of providing soil and plant analysis services to farmers and other private organizations on payment basis.

S.No Parameters

NGO's and Private firms (Rs per sample)

Students & Public institutions (Rs.per sample)
1 PH 100 75
2 EC 100 75
3 Organic carbon 200 150
4 Available N 300 225
5 Available P 300 225
6 Available K 300 225
7 Available Sulphur 300 225
8 Available Zn 500 375
9 Available Fe 500 375
10 Available Mn 500 375
11 Available Cu 500 375

Note : * Analysis will be done only for processed samples

            * Service Tax will be extra at the rates as applicable from time to time

 Unprocessed samples will be charged 10% extra over the existing charges. Service tax as applicable is also charged per sample.

The Biochemistry Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated equipments like gas chromatograph, NMR, Fluorescence spectrophotometer, UV-V is spectrophotometer, high speed centrifuge, Soxhlet extraction etc.

The laboratory is capable of providing oil analysis services on oil content, fatty acid profile, iodine number, acid value, saponification value etc. Oil analysis is carried out on payment basis and the charges per sample are as follows :

S.No. Particulars / details NGO's and PRivate firms (Rs.per sample) Students & Public institutions (Rs.per sample)
1 Mandatory oilseed crops    
a) Oil content for castor,sunflower, safflower & sesame 100/- 50/-
b) Fatty acid profiling for castor 2,000/- 1,000/-
c) Fatty acid profiling for sunflower, safflower & Sesame 1,000/- 500/-
2. Non-mandatory oilseed crops    
a) Oil content 200/- 150/-
b) Fatty acid profiling 2,000/- 1,000/-

(Note : Service tax will be  extra at the rates  applicable from time to time )

The biotechnology unit of Crop Improvement section is equipped with sophisticated equipment like ploidy analyzer, real time PCR, fluorescent microscope, Chemiluminescence documentation etc.

S.No Type of analysis Charges (Rs)
Service Tax
    Govt. Instt. Private organizations  
1 Ploidy 500/- 800/- As applicable